SMTP Virtual Server bindings

GFI MailEssentials always binds to the first SMTP virtual server configured in IIS. In case of multiple SMTP virtual servers, GFI MailEssentials may be required to be bound to a new or a different SMTP Virtual Server.


The SMTP Virtual Server Bindings tab is not displayed if you installed GFI MailEssentials on a Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 or later machine.

Binding GFI MailEssentials to another other SMTP Virtual Server.


Some services are temporarily stopped while performing this operation. This may affect mail flow and/or email scanning.

1. Go to General Settings > Settings and click Bindings tab.

2. Select the SMTP Virtual Server to bind GFI MailEssentials to.

3. Click Apply.

4. GFI MailEssentials will ask to restart services for the new settings to take effect.