365 days limit

Issue encountered

Cannot access emails in Outlook Connector from over a year ago.


By default Outlook Connector only synchronizes and keeps the last 365 days worth of emails.


The default behavior can be modified by changing a key in the GeneralSettings.xml configuration file:

  1. Close Microsoft Outlook®.
  2. Navigate to <c:\Users\<username>\AppData\Local\GFI\MailArchiver\>.
  3. Open GeneralSettings.xml file using a text editor.
  4. Locate the SynchronizeDaysSpan element and change the value from 365 (default) to the number of days worth of emails to see in the Outlook Connector. Example: To view the last 5 years worth of emails set the line as: <SynchronizeDaysSpan>1826</SynchronizeDaysSpan>.
  5. Save and close the GeneralSettings.xml.
  6. Delete the local cache from the same directory. This is normally a long number with FDB extension. If you are not sure which one to delete, open the StoreSettings.xml and locate the Store ID attributed to the user whose cache you want to affect.
  7. Open Microsoft Outlook® and synchronize Outlook Connector with GFI Archiver to enable changes.