Installing Archive Assistant manually

1. Open GFI Archiver.

2. Click Client Access tab.

3. From Archive Assistant area, click Download Archive Assistant. The following file is downloaded to your machine: mar_archiveassistant.exe.

4. The installation wizard should now start automatically. Click Run and follow the wizard to install.

5. If the installation wizard does not start automatically, locate and double click the file downloaded in step 3 above.


To verify successful installation, check that Archive buttons are now visible within Microsoft Outlook®.

When Archive Assistant is installed, it automatically registers itself with Microsoft Outlook®. Microsoft Outlook will attempt to connect to GFI Archiver using the URL specified during installation.

The Archive Assistant adds buttons for manual archiving to toolbars, ribbons, and/or menus within Microsoft Outlook®.


By default Archive Assistant is set to retain all items that are manually archived. For more information refer to Archive Assistant settings.