How to configure Microsoft 365 OAuth for GFI Archiver

Version 15.1 onwards, GFI Archiver supports OAuth authentication for Exchange Web Services (EWS).


Basic authentication with EWS is a deprecated protocol from Microsoft 356 and GFI suggests switching to OAuth authentication going forward.

EWS can be used from 3 locations within GFI Archiver.

  • DataSources (EWS)
  • Folder Synchronization (EWS)
  • Import and Export (EWS)

For using any of these, the account should be configured normally however the password entered in GFI Archiver should be in the following format:

password_@oAuthCoxn_clientid (underscores included)

Where password is the actual account password and clientid is the OAuth Client ID and is obtained when setting up OAuth.

For example, in the case of the DataSources the username field would be the journal username that has access to the journaling mailbox and the password field would consist of the normal password for the journal user appended with the _@oAuthCoxn_clientid where clientid is the OAuth Client ID.