System requirements for GFI Archiver and Microsoft 365 integration

Use the following information related to software and hardware requirements and other important settings to ensure the successful integration of GFI Archiver with Microsoft 365.

Note that a Microsoft 365 Enterprise Plan deployment with configured users is required before integrating it with GFI Archiver.

Microsoft 365 setup requirements

Registered DNS domain.

Access to the domain’s DNS setup.

Active DirectoryA technology that provides a variety of network services, including LDAP-like directory services. or GFI Directory domain for the registered DNS domain.

Strong Password Policy for the domain

Ensure that user accounts on your local domain Active Directory or GFI Directory machine and email addresses in Microsoft 365 ADActive Directory match.

Open outbound ports on your firewall (80, 443, 993, 587)

(Optional) An email account with a third party provider (such as to use as the journaling mailbox.


For a full list of software requirements for Microsoft 365, visit the Microsoft website.

Important Directory Service settings.

GFI Archiver can use one of the following directory services:

  • Microsoft Active Directory
  • GFI Directory (Available from GFI Archiver 2015 or later)

GFI Archiver relies on data within the directory service while processing and archiving data. This data is also used in other areas of the product. In Microsoft Exchange environments this data is normally always present as Microsoft Exchange populates it automatically. However, in non-Exchange environments such as Microsoft 365, this data is not necessarily present and must be populated accordingly for GFI Archiver to work as intended. Refer to the following article if you experience problems after setting up everything as per our guide: