Setting up Office 365 and GFI Archiver integration using a 3rd Party Journaling Mailbox

The following topics describe how to configure an external mailbox that will be used by Microsoft 365 and GFI Archiver for journaling purposes:

Step Description
Step 1 - Setting up a 3rd Party Journaling Mailbox Set up a 3rd party email account as a JournalingA Microsoft Exchange Server feature which stores email copies in a central mailbox for various purposes, incl. mail archiving. MailboxA directory or folder used for receipt, filing, and storing messages of emails. in Microsoft 365. All emails exchanged between your users will be forwarded to this mailbox.
Step 2 - Configuring Forwarding Rule for an External Mailbox

Create a journaling rule in Exchange Online that will forward a copy of all emails to the 3rd party journaling mailbox configured in Step 1.

Step 3 - Verify directory service details Verify that directory service details are set up correctly according to the following article:
Step 4 - Configuring a new Mail Server to Archive using an external mailbox Configure a new Mail server to archive in GFI Archiver. Using this connection, GFI Archiver will archive any emails forwarded to the external journal mailbox.
Step 5 - Testing setup Test the integration of GFI Archiver with Microsoft 365.