Setting up a journaling mailbox

If you have selected the Auto-Archiving (JournalingA Microsoft Exchange Server feature which stores email copies in a central mailbox for various purposes, incl. mail archiving.) method of archiving, you need to create a journaling mailbox on your mail server. Journaling is a feature that enables the recording of email in an organization. Through the journaling feature, your mail server can channel the items to archive into a single mailbox. GFI Archiver connects to the mail server and retrieves the items for archiving from the journaling mailbox.

In GFI Archiver, a journaling mailbox can be created automatically if the mail server used is Microsoft Exchange. For more information refer to Creating a journaling mailbox on Microsoft Exchange via the Post Install Wizard.

If using another mail server, the journaling mailbox needs to be created manually on the mail server. Once the journaling mailbox has been created, GFI Archiver needs to connect to it to start archiving.

For more information refer to Preparing the Journal mailbox in Kerio Connect.

For more information refer to Preparing the Journal mailbox for Google Apps.

To manually create a journaling mailbox on a Microsoft Exchange server refer to the following instructions:


If journaling is not set up correctly, Auto-archiving (journaling) method of archiving will NOT work.

Archiving mail-enabled public folders

Public foldersA common folder shared between Microsoft Exchange a user, which enables information sharing. are not journaled and archived out-of-the-box since Microsoft Exchange server does not journal emails which are addressed to public folders by default. For instructions on how to archive emails addressed to mail-enabled public folders refer to the following article: