Accessing multiple mailboxes

From within the Archive tab, you can also browse archived items in other users mailboxes - provided that you have been granted access to their archive. A user with Administrative rights can grant or revoke access to other users mailboxes from the GFI Archiver Access Control feature.


Search user feature is disabled if the currently logged on user does not have access to other users mailboxes, or if there are no emails to view.

To view archived items for a different mailbox:

1. Key in the name of the mailbox for which to view archived items in the Search users to add search box . A list of names matching the one keyed (for which you have access to) will be displayed.

2. Select the user and clicknext to the search field.

3. Select the newly added user from the Browse conversations for: field.

4. Browse or search the displayed archived items using the controls provided.