Moving emails from one database to another

GFI Archiver supports various types of Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver. The software enables you to move emails from one database to another or to many other databases.


This feature is only applicable when moving the original emails source stored on disk of a Firebird databaseAn open source relational database system. or SQL Server® file system. Emails cannot be moved from a SQL Server® database when the source is stored on the SQL Server® database.


  • A Firebird database becomes very large in size and hence slow to load data, so the administrator decides to switch to a SQL Server® database.
  • An SQL file system stored on disc, stores emails of one whole year. It is recommended to separate the emails to multiple databases, for example one database for each month.
Important notes

1. It is highly recommended to backup the archive stores before moving emails. This process is described in the Backup Archive Stores chapter of this manual.

2. Moving emails between archive stores requires a high amount of computer processing resources and can reduce the performance of the GFI Archiver server substantially.

3. The folder structure of emails is lost when moving emails, however the emails can be resynchronized to retrieve the folder structure. The folder structure of emails deleted from the mailbox is permanently lost.

4. Ensure that the new database where emails are going to be moved to, is added in the GFI Archiver Archive Stores. This process is described in the Managing Archive Stores chapter.

5. Multiple databases can be created to cover different emails date ranges.