Configuring Kerio Operator and Well/Yeastar NeoGate TB400 for calls between SIP and EuroISDN


This information is designed for Kerio Operator 2.3.5 and older.

For more information about creating and configuring a SIP interfaceAn external interface used for connecting to SIP providers. in newer versions, see Connecting to VoIP service providers.

Yeastar NeoGate TB400 (sold under the Well brand in some countries) is a SIPSession Initiation Protocol - A communication protocol used for voice and video calls in Internet telephony or private IP telephone systems.-to-ISDNIntegrated services digital network - A technology enabling digital transmission of data and voice signals over a telephone network. gateway. The gateway can be equipped with 2 or 4 BRIBasic Rate Interface - An ISDN channel meant for small enterprise systems to obtain upto 128kbps data rate. ports and hence it supports up to 8 parallel calls.

You can now place some test calls. Use the prefix you have assigned to the new SIP interface to call via NeoGate TB400.