How do I move a user to a different domain?

This topic discusses the steps required to move a user from one domain to another in the Kerio MailServer. It is assumed that the old domain name is called domain.old and the new domain name is

It is recomended that you create a full backup before you apply any changes. You can make a backup using the Backup feature in Kerio MailServer, or by copying mailserver.cfg , users.cfg and the store directory. For more information refer to Configuring backup in Kerio Connect.


This process requires that you stop the MailServer for a period of time.

  1. Login to the administration console and create the new user in the new domain, using the same settings that were previously created for the user.
  2. Stop the Kerio MailServer.
  3. Navigate to the domain.old directory in your store folder. Perform a "MOVE" of the user folder and place it into the folder.
  4. In the users folder open the sub.fld file in a plain text editor, and replace any instance of domain.old with Save and close the file. Repeat this process for the file if the file exists.
  5. Now we need to update the permissions for the Public Folders. There are two possiblities, depending if you have a single set of Public Folders for all domains, or individual Public Folders for each domain:
  • Single Public Folder: Navigate to the mail/#public directory and in the acl.fld file replace all instances of domain.old with
  • Individual Public Folders: Do the same as above, but each domain folder will have an acl.fld file, so you need to modify that file in each of the #public folders.
  1. Start the Kerio MailServer.
  2. Delete the old user account in the domain.old domain.
  3. Now have the user login to their account on the domain to ensure that they are able to view all of their data.