How do I re-index a user’s folder if it has become corrupt?

Learn to manually re-index a folder that has a corrupted index file. This is usually done after consultation with technical support.


This is valid for Kerio Connect 7.2.4 and older only. Since Kerio Connect 7.3.0 re-indexing is done automatically by a background process.

In some situations, Kerio Connect will automatically repair the index file, otherwise this procedure must be done manually.

  1. The user must log out of all mail sessions - Outlook, WebMail, etc. It is also REQUIRED that the Kerio Connect service be stopped.
  2. Access the user's directory from the server in /store/mail/domain/user/folder_name/.
  3. In this directory you will find the index.fld file. Rename this file to index.bad. Please note that the file extension must be renamed specifically to .bad.

The next time the user accesses their folder, Kerio Connect will rebuild the index file. If they have a large folder they will experience a slight delay while the file is being rebuilt.


Each folder contains its own index.fld file. One of the most common cause of inconsistencies in the index.fld file is local anti-virus software that has not been configured to exclude the scanning of the mailserver and store directories. We strongly recommend using the built-in Sophos antivirus or one of the supported AV plug-ins included with Kerio Connect to scan messages for viruses.