Resource calendars hide the event subject. Can this behavior be modified?

This article describes the Resource calendar options and its default behavior. The default behavior to hide the event subject can be changed.

Resource calendars are shared to all users of their corresponding email domain. This means that if an event is scheduled in a resource calendar, all other users in that domain can see the event. For security reasons, the details of the event are hidden to all users. Only the name of the organizer and the scheduled time are provided with the event. In some cases, you may want to change this behavior so that all users have access to the details of the event. For example, you may have a company calendar called 'trade_shows', which you've set up as a resource, and you want that all details of the events added to this calendar are available to all users.

To modify the default behavior, you'll need to edit the mailserver.cfg configuration file, located in the installation directory of your Kerio Connect server.

  1. Stop Kerio Connect server.
  2. Using a text editor, open the mailserver.cfg file and search for the "Resource" tag. You'll notice a series of list items, which correspond to each resource you've created on the server. Within each resource item, you will see a value labeled "ClearEventSubject". The value is set to 1 by default. Change this value to 0, then save the file.

<list name="Resource">


<variable name="Name">test_resource</variable>

<variable name="Domain">support2.test.lab</variable>

<variable name="Description">Resource description</variable>

<variable name="Type">0</variable>

<variable name="IsAvailable">1</variable>

<variable name="ClearEventSubject">1</variable>

<variable name="AllowMultipleReservation">0</variable>

<variable name="Manager">Admin@support.test.lab</variable>

<variable name="Guid">4e2656d0-1536-4f11-83af-dd8c0ca9ddda</variable>

<variable name="ResourceUsers">authuser@support2.test.lab</variable>



  1. Start Kerio Connect server.


This change is applied to new events only. All events created before the change has the subject information already hidden or removed.