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IDL Files
Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
o*AccessPolicy.idlWork with user access rules for client protocols
o*AdminStructures.idlData structures used by multiple IDL files among web administration
o*AdvancedOptions.idlSet custom options for store directories, fulltext search, webmail, security policy, software updates, master authentication, http proxy
o*Aliases.idlWork with virtual email addresses
o*Archive.idlSet storing the copies of messages in special archive folders
o*Backup.idlSet message store and configuration backup recovery
o*Certificates.idlCertificates settings
o*common.idlShared structures between WebMail and WebAdmin
o*ConnectCertificate.idlSet security certificates. Methods specific for Kerio Connect
o*ContactsCommon.idlContacts management
o*Content.idlSet Spam Filter, Antivirus Settings, Attachment Filter
o*Delivery.idlSet Internet Connection, POP3 download, ETRN download, Scheduling
o*DistributedDomain.idlSet domain distributed among several Kerio Connect servers
o*Domains.idlDomains settings
o*Downloads.idlDownload management
o*Dumps.idlWork with coredumps which are generated while server crashes
o*FiltersCommon.idlRules for Filtering Messages
o*Groups.idlWork with user account groups
o*InstantMessaging.idlSettings for XMPP server
o*IpAddressGroups.idlIp Address Group settings
o*Logs.idlApplication logs
o*MailingLists.idlWork with mailing lists, the groups of email addresses and the ability to archive the electronic communication
o*Migration.idlSet user account migration in a distributed domain
o*ProductRegistration.idlRegistration from the product
o*Queue.idlSet the email messages queue
o*Resources.idlWork with resources as an tool for facilities like meeting rooms, cars, projectors etc
o*SecurityPolicy.idlSet options for security policy
o*SenderPolicy.idlSet options for sender policy
o*Server.idlWork with product specific options like alerts, connections, opened folders, active (web) sessions
o*Services.idlSet services like (un)secure SMTP, POP3, IMAP, HTTP, etc
o*Session.idlCurrently logged user manager
o*SharedStructures.idlShared data structures without an interface
o*Smtp.idlSet SMTP Server
o*Statistics.idlServer Statistics, Traffic Charts
o*SystemHealth.idlState of the operating system the product is running on
o*TechnicalSupport.idlEnsures support-communication with Kayako
o*TimeRanges.idlTime Range settings
o*UnitySignOn.idlSettings for Kerio Directory
o*Uploads.idlUpload management
o*Users.idlWork with user accounts as an representation of physical email boxes
o*UserTemplates.idlUser Templates settings
o*UserVoice.idlUser Feedback settings
\*Version.idlApplication Programming Interface and Product version