Using GFI HelpDesk

GFI HelpDesk helps you set up a cutting edge customer support system. There are tools and workflows available to automate follow-ups and reminders for support agents.

Topics in this section:

Quick start guide

Understanding user types and interfaces

The areas of your helpdesk

The apps

Getting help and support

Setting Up Your Team in GFI HelpDesk

Guide to automation with GFI HelpDesk

Guide to setting up archiver custom app in GFI HelpDesk

Guide to managing support tickets

Know the ticket basics

How your customers create tickets?

Reply to a ticket

Building your knowledge base

Helping your customers submit tickets

Creating an account and logging in

Submitting your first ticket

Tracking and responding to existing tickets

Support tickets

Viewing, sorting and filtering support tickets

Understanding how views and filters work together

Creating a new ticket view

Adding Ticket Filters

Reusing common replies and updates using macros

Understanding what you can do with macros

Creating and organizing macros

Using macros in ticket replies

Advance support tickets

Overall satisfaction rating

Setting up recurring tickets

Error: 'Invalid Value Date cannot be in the past: Recurrence starts' while creating tickets

Customizing messenger icons

Users setting priority for their own tickets

Creating tickets on behalf of an existing user

Setting automatic ticket follow-ups

Resolving tickets automatically using auto-close rules

Standardizing support procedures with workflows

Attaching large image files directly to the body of the ticket

JavaScript support in macros for GFI HelpDesk

Editing "Select Department" form description text and GFI HelpDesk templates

Handling SMTP SSL errors

Disabling customer satisfaction surveys

Configuring GFI HelpDesk's default autoresponder emails

Enabling the rich text editor for ticket replies

Using tags to organize your helpdesk

Linking related or duplicate tickets

User accounts

Searching for users and organizations

Editing or Deleting Notes for an Organization

Error: "Staff count exceeded"

Importing Users from Other CRM or Mailing List

Merging user accounts

Editing or deleting notes for a user account

Changing the staff or admin password through the helpdesk

Adding customers to an organization automatically

Creating staff accounts and assigning them to teams

Reports KQL

Creating Common SLA Reports with KQL

Introduction to building and running reports

Report types in GFI HelpDesk

Introduction to Kayako Query Language (KQL)

Advanced reporting using KQL

Optimizing KQL reports

KQL matrix reports are broken after an upgrade

KQL condition & operator reference

KQL query to pull tickets created by staff with 'As a user' or 'Send an email' option