Setting Up Your Team in GFI HelpDesk

To really get a feel for GFI HelpDesk at work, we suggest inviting your team members to join. You can then go through your customer service process together as a team. Try to involve at least one person from each team at your company, so each of them can bring a different perspective to the table when you set up your workflows.

In this topic, you can learn how to set up your team in GFI HelpDesk.

Each staff user belongs to a team, that is why you need to create your teams first - and then add staff users to them.

Create a new team

To create a new team, do the following:

  1. Go to the Admin Control Panel, click on Staff and then Insert Team.
  2. At this point, you can assign the new team to Departments, which gives members of this team access to the tickets and live chats in those departments.
  3. In the next tab, you can set individual permissions for members of this team.

    Access control in GFI HelpDesk is very powerful: you can control who can see, create, edit and delete most things in GFI HelpDesk.

    We recommend leaving the defaults at this stage until you get familiar with GFI HelpDesk.

Add staff users

To add a new staff user, do the following:

  1. In the Admin Control Panel, click Staff and then Insert Staff.
  2. Fill in the essentials under the General tab.

    Remember your staff teams: if you enabled Administrator team for one of them, any staff users you add to that team is able to access the admin control panel.

  3. Under the Assigned Departments tab, you can either have this staff user inherit the department permissions from their team, or you can override them for this individual.

    We recommend sticking to the defaults while getting started.