GFI HelpDesk is an enterprise-grade on-premise service desk software built on the powerful Kayako helpdesk software. GFI HelpDesk can be hosted in the customer’s own infrastructure, on-premise, or in any public cloud infrastructure that supports MySQL/MariaDB and PHP 7+.

GFI HelpDesk was built to enable flexibility and increase productivity. Various tools and workflows are available to automate follow-ups and reminders for support agents. Agents can collaborate on tickets using notes and have all customer’s information that is required to resolve a ticket at their fingertips. Predefined responses can speed-up reply times to increase agents’ productivity.

GFI HelpDesk is easy to install on a variety of platforms and systems. It can also be branded to the requirements based on the desired look and feel as well as very easy to use by support agents with little training required.

GFI HelpDesk also lets you keep customers informed with news, knowledge-based articles as well as instinct answers to queries enabling fewer support tickets for easy and known answers.

GFI HelpDesk provides a powerful query engine KQL that can be used to access data and measure customer satisfaction, track team performance, and use all the data to understand your customer support experience. Various pre-built reports are available to measure the progress with one click. Additional reports can be built using KQL.

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