Adding ticket filters

Filters can be simple or complex as required. You can add a single ticket criteria, or you can add an assortment of them.

You also have a few options to control whom the filter is available to.


To create or edit views, you need a Staff Account with the 'Ticket filters' permission.

To create a new ticket filter:

  1. Sign in to the Staff Control Panel and go to Tickets > Filters.
  2. From the menu, click Manage, to go to a page with a list of any existing filters.

    Managing filters

  3. Click New in the upper right.
  4. Add a descriptive Filter Title, making sure to be explicit about what the filter shows you when you select it.
  5. Choose whether to limit the filter's Availability to just you, or to Restrict it to specific staff team by selecting one from the dropdown.
  6. From the criteria dropdowns, select what criteria a ticket has to match to be displayed in this filter.
  7. To add more than one criteria, select either Match all criteria (AND) or Match any of the criteria (OR) and click Insert Criteria.
  8. When you have your criteria set up, click Insert to save your filter.

You can now select this filter from on any ticket view in GFI HelpDesk.