Fax modems or multi port fax boards

If you are planning to use a fax modem for faxing, you can choose to use either the GFI fax modem drivers or the fax modem drivers included in Windows® It mainly depends on the modem that you are using and which driver will work best. For some modems, the Windows® modem drivers might work better since GFI cannot offer you such a wide range of modem support as Microsoft® can. If you require DTMFDual-tone multi-frequency signalling routing and plan to use modems (not recommended) then you must use the GFI modem drivers.

In general, GFI recommends trying both drivers with your modem and choosing the driver that works best.


The Microsoft® Fax modem drivers have wider modem support and 2D faxing, which can give faster fax transmission to some fax machines.

For reliability ensure that you implement a high quality modem solution.