NetPrintQueue2FAXA GFI FaxMaker printer driver installed on client machines and used for sending faxes. On printing to this driver, it delivers content to GFI FaxMaker for transmission. GFI FaxMaker determines fax recipient details from within the printed content. is a printer driver installed on user machines. This enables users to print content to transmit by fax, directly from any application that supports printing.

For more information about which file types can be used with NetPrintQueue2FAX refer to

How it works

  1. Users prepare content to fax using a third-party application (for example, Microsoft® Word® or an invoicing software). The fax recipient details - number, name and company - must be embedded in the content.
  2. Users print content to the NetPrintQueue2FAX printer driver. Ensure that the NetPrintQueue2FAX printer drivers are installed on user machines. For more information refer to Installing NetPrintQueue2FAX printer driver on clients’ machines.
  3. NetPrintQueue2FAX sends content to GFI FaxMaker.
  4. GFI FaxMaker analyzes the content to determine fax recipient details. For more information refer to Configuring NetPrintQueue2FAX options.
  5. GFI FaxMaker sends fax.


You can use this method to automatically send a custom fax to a number of recipients. For example, through Microsoft® Word® Mail Merge feature you can send a personalized fax to a large number of recipients. For more information refer to Sending faxes using Microsoft Word Mail Merge.

A document ready to be printed to NetPrintQueue2FAX