Customizing the caller ID and TSID of outbound faxes

When sending faxes, GFI FaxMaker sets the caller ID (CLIPThe Caller Line Identity Presentation is used to identify the calling party's number. It is also commonly referred to as CLI (Caller Line Identity), CLID (Caller Line Identity Display), CND (Caller Number Display) or just Caller ID.) to the sender's fax number as configured in Active Directory or GFI Directory, and the TSIDThe transmitting subscriber identification is a string sent by the fax sender to the recipient which typically includes the fax or telephone number. value to the Local Fax ID specified in the fax line settings. GFI FaxMaker enables administrators to change these default values.


  • Before applying any changes, it is recommended to check how your PABXPrivate Automatic Branch Exchange and your telecommunications service providers handle custom CLIP and TSID values. Certain telephony systems or providers may override or block custom CLIP and TSID values.
  • These customizations require changes to Windows registry. Problems may occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Do not edit the Windows registry unless you are confident about doing so.