Adding protocol objects

Protocol objects are used to define IPv4 protocol numbers that can then be used to define application objects. By default, the appliance factory setting includes all major Internet Protocol (IPv4) related protocols, including ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol (Internet Control Message Protocol), TCPTransmission Control Protocol (Transmission Control Protocol) and UDPUser Datagram Protocol (User Datagram Protocol). Additional IPv4 protocols can easily be added by simply specifying IPv4 protocol number.


Protocol numbers are unique and can only be defined once.

All the defined protocol objects are shown in the table. Each protocol object can be edited or deleted by clicking the appropriate button in the table. Some protocols are protected and cannot be edited or deleted.

Adding a new protocol.

To configure protocol objects:

  1. Go to Configuration > Objects > Protocols.
  2. Enter a meaningful name for the protocol.
  3. In the Number field, specify the IPv4 protocol number.
  4. Click the Add New Protocol button. The protocol will be added to the list of protocols in the table.


Consider where SCTP (Stream Control Transport Protocol) is undefined by default and need to be defined.

Name: SCTP
Number: 132