Licensing information

Each Exinda appliance must be licensed to operate. When applied to an appliance, the license key specifies how the appliance can be used. The license key is automatically fetched from the Exinda license server and is installed on first boot-up. The appliance auto-license service checks for new licenses every 24 hours. If a new license is found, it is automatically installed. If your appliance is unable to access the Internet and the license server, the license key can be applied manually by entering the license key. Some features, such as SSL Acceleration, Virtualization, and Edge Cache, require a separate license, and some features have a specified license limit, such as maximum traffic shaping or acceleration bandwidth. The effective license limits can change depending on the license key or combination of keys installed.

Licensing for Virtual Appliances is different when compared to Hardware Appliances. All Virtual Appliances are shipped unlicensed. On first-boot, they automatically generate a unique Host ID. Exinda must be notified of this Host ID before a license can be issued. All Virtual Appliances must have access to the Exinda licensing server, and must be able to access Virtual Appliances that do not have access will become unlicensed after 96 hours and will stop operating. To obtain a trial license or to purchase a full license for the Exinda Virtual appliance, contact