Licensing information

Exinda Appliances are licensed using a subscription-based model. Licenses are renewed on a recurring basis and include all upgrades and releases available during the subscription period.

Subscription prices vary between Exinda editions (Plus, Professional and Premium) and appliance types (hardware or virtual). All Exinda editions subscriptions come Edge Cache, Real Time Monitoring, Interactive Analytics, Reporting and Recommendation Engine. All hardware editions come with a 3 year warranty and Acceleration.

For more information about pricing plans, contact your authorized Exinda Inc. reseller. To find a reseller in your area, visit


  • Product activation requires an Internet connection and a GFI login account.
  • A license subscription period starts at the time of purchase, not at the time of activation.
  • The GFI subscription service connects to your appliance over the Internet every 24 hours. New licenses are automatically applied.
  • Hardware appliances automatically fetch license keys from the GFI license server on first boot-up.
  • Virtual appliances are shipped unlicensed. On first-boot, they automatically generate a unique Host ID. GFI must be notified of this Host ID before a license can be activated. Virtual appliances must be licensed within 96 hours or they stop functioning.

If your appliance is unable to access the Internet and the license server, the license key can be applied manually by entering the license key.

Managing a license using the GFI Accounts Area

Licenses and subscription information are stored in the GFI Accounts Area. Access requires a GFI Account.

Log in to the GFI Accounts Area using the email address and password entered when your GFI Account was created.

If you don't know the account password, reset it by following the instructions in How to reset a lost password. If you don't know the email address associated with your account, contact your reseller.

If you don't have a GFI Account, create one in one of the following ways:

  • Upgrade a licensed product.
  • Have your Exinda Inc. reseller set up the account.
  • Request a trial of a GFI product.. For more information, see Requesting a product trial..

For more information about the GFI Accounts area, see GFI Accounts Area Help.