Generating rules reports

Rules repots provide a detailed view of applied rules on event sources. The information provided in rules reports are described below:

Heading Description
Rule name

Name of the applied rule.


The classified importance level of the collect event log, such as:

Logfile monitored

Provides the category name of the collected event log, such as:

  • Security
  • System Health
  • Application
  • System.

The processing condition(s) for the selected rule. This includes:

  • Event IDs
  • Source
  • Category
  • User
  • Type
  • Advanced.

ActionsThe activity that will be carried out as a result of events matching specific conditions. For example you can trigger actions whenever an event is classified as critical. Actions supported by GFI EventsManager include Email alerts, event archiving and execution of scripts.

Describes the actions taken when the event is processed, including:

  • Archiving settings
  • Mail to settings
  • Threshold settings.

To generate rules report:

1. Click Configuration tab > Event Sources.

Generate configuration report

2. Right-click an event source and select Report on rules.