Generating activity overview reports

GFI EventsManager enables you to export Activity Overview data. Activity overview reports provide the information described below:

Heading Description

Date and time when the message was generated.


Event source that generated the message.


Source operation that cause the message to be generated. Amongst others these include:

Job ID

An internal ID associated with the job.

Log file/name

Type of logs collected. Amongst others:

  • Application
  • Security
  • Logs generated by other applications such as GFI LanGuard and GFI EndPointSecurity

The actual message generated while performing the job.

To export Activity Overview:

1. Click Status > Statistics.

Activity overview : Export button

2. Click Export data.

Activity overview dialog

3. Configure the options described in and click Export.

Option Description

The report output format. Available formats are HTML and CSV.

All time

Export all messages displayed Activity Overview.

From a specific date

Specify a date to export all messages generated on that date.

Only computers with errors/not scanned

Export only data of computers with scanning issues.

Include error messages

Select this option to include the generated error message.

Save files to

Displays the default export location.

Activity overview report sample