Department Fax Settings

DepartmentA collection of settings that can be applied by default to new users. Fax Settings

The department Faxing Settings enables configuration of a department's fax settings.

Some fax settings are user-specific and cannot be configured on a department basis. Configure such settings on a per-user basis. For more information refer to User faxing settings.

To configure these options:

1. From the Departments screen, click next to the department to edit and click Edit Department.

2. In Fax tab, configure:

Option Description
Fax Format Select the format of the fax to use when receiving a fax. GFI FaxMaker Online converts the received fax content to the selected format and attaches the file to an email addressed to the Receiving email.
Fax Page Separation When enabling this option, each fax page is processed as a separate file. UsersAccounts configured in GFI FaxMaker Online that can send and receive faxes. receive each fax page separately in the chosen fax format.

Click Save to apply all changes, Discard Changes to cancel changes made, or navigate to another tab to configure other settings.