Department Coverpage

DepartmentA collection of settings that can be applied by default to new users. coverpage options

In the CoverpageA page containing information attached and sent as the first page of a fax. This page is customizable and can contain company logo, sender and recipient information, fax details and more. configuration screen, specify the coverpage that precedes a fax sent by users assigned the selected department. The coverpage is the first page of a fax that includes custom information (such as recipient and sender’s information) and design (such as company logo).


A coverpage must conform with the fields and conditions accepted by GFI FaxMaker Online. For more information refer to Creating a coverpage.

To configure the coverpage to use for the selected department:

1. From the Departments screen, click next to the department to edit, and click Edit Department.

2. From the Coverpage tab, configure the following options:

Option Description
Coverpage file Select coverpage to apply from the list of coverpages.
Upload Coverpage

Click Browse to upload a new coverpage. For more information refer to Creating a coverpage.

Download Download and view a coverpage.
Delete Remove the selected coverpage. GFI FaxMaker Online cannot delete coverpages that are in use by one or more users or departments. Click Yes to confirm deletion.
Automatic Coverpages Adds the selected coverpage with all faxes sent by the user.
No Coverpages Does not include a coverpage with outgoing faxes.
With Body Text A coverpage is only added if the email sent by the user includes a body. If the email contains only an attachment, the coverpage is not included.

Click Save to apply all changes, Discard Changes to cancel changes made, or navigate to another tab to configure other settings.