Porting existing fax numbers

Port your fax numbers to GFI FaxMaker Online to continue using your existing fax numbers in GFI FaxMaker Online. This enables you to retain your existent contact details.

Important notes:

  • The portability of a number is dependent on your current fax number carrier or service provider.
  • Ensure that there are no timed contracts, open bills, open orders or open litigation with your current fax number carrier from where the number will be ported.
  • To port a number that is part of a DID range, contact the current carrier to confirm they will allow that number to be ported away from them. If the carrier confirms, keep a record of the confirmation and the name and contact details of your carrier’s representative
  • Porting a number may require a number of days to complete.
  • You may continue using GFI FaxMaker Online during porting.
  • This functionality is currently not available to fax numbers in Italy.

To port fax numbers: