Activity Log

Use the GFI FaxMaker Online Activity Log to monitor fax transmission in your account. Click Activity Log from the menu bar, to start monitoring.

The GFI FaxMaker Online Activity Log

The GFI FaxMaker Online Activity Log shows the list of sent and received fax calls in the left pane.

Use the top pane filters to filter through the fax calls list.

Filter Description
Inbound & Outbound Activity Display faxes that were either sent (outbound) or received (inbound).
Date range

Show faxes sent/received in a particular time frame, for a maximum period of 30 days.

Use the calendar controls to specify the to and from dates.

Fax Number

Return faxes sent to a particular fax number.

Email address Filter for emails that are sent from a particular email address.
Status Show faxes that are either pending delivery, failed delivery or delivery was successfully done.
Caller Return faxes sent from a particular fax number.
Callee Fax Number

Return faxes received by a particular fax number.

Click Search to display filtered results.