A department is a collection of settings that are applied to users. Departments simplify the creation process of new users by automatically configuring a common set of settings, rather than configuring each setting individually.

To configure Departments, go to > Departments.

The list of departments is displayed in the left pane, showing the name and number of users created using that department.

Click next to a particular department and select the action to perform.

Option Description
Edit DepartmentA collection of settings that can be applied by default to new users.

Edit the department's properties in the right-pane. When editing is complete, click Save to apply changes or Discard Changes to cancel any modifications applied.


Delete Department Delete the department from the list of Departments. Removed departments are not recoverable and settings are lost irrevocably. For more information refer to Removing departments.

Administrators with full access

AdministratorsAccounts with administrative privileges that can log in to GFI FaxMaker Online to monitor usage and configure settings. that have access to all departments in a company, can also configure the default company settings and add new departments.

Company settings are accessible from the top-node department, represented by the icon . These settings apply when no department is configured. You can also configure the company's email address where subscription notifications are to be sent.

Administrators with full access can also add new departments. Click Add Department and follow the step-by-step wizard. For more information refer to Adding departments.