Anti-Spam filters

GFI MailEssentials uses various scanning filters to identify spam:

Filter Description Enabled by Default
SpamRazer An anti-spam engine that determines if an email is spam by using email reputation, message fingerprinting and content analysis. Yes
Anti-Phishing Blocks emails that contain links in the message body pointing to known phishing sites or if they contain typical phishing keywords. Yes
Director Harvesting Directory harvesting attacks occur when spammers try to guess email addresses by attaching well known usernames to your domain. The majority of the email addresses are non-existent. Yes (only if GFI MailEssentials is installed in an Active Directory environment)
Email Blocklist The Email Blocklist is a custom database of email addresses and domains from which you never want to receive emails. Yes
IP Blocklist The IP Blocklist is a custom database of IP addresses from which you never want to receive emails. No
IP DNS Blocklist IP DNS Blocklist checks the IP address of the sending mail server against a public list of mail servers known to send spam. Yes
URI DNS Blocklist Stops emails that contain links to domains listed on public Spam URI Blocklists. Yes
Sender Policy Framework This filter uses SPF records to stop email sent from forged IP addresses by identifying if the sender IP address is authorized. No
Anti-Spoofing Checks emails received with a sender email address claiming to originate from your own domain against a list of IP addresses by GFI MailEssentials. If the sender IP address is not on the list of own-domain server IP addresses, email is blocked. No
Greylist The Greylist filter temporarily blocks incoming emails received from unknown senders. Legitimate mail systems typically try to send the email after a few minutes; spammers simply ignore such error messages. No
Language Detection Determines the language of the email body text and configurable to block certain languages. No
Header Checking The Header Checking filter analyses the email header to identify spam emails. No
Spam Keyword Checking This filter enables the identification of Spam based on keywords in the email being received. No
Bayesian analysis An anti-spam filter that can be trained to accurately determine if an email is spam based on past experience. No
Whitelist The Whitelist contains lists of criteria that identify legitimate email. Emails that match these criteria are not scanned by anti-spam filters and are always delivered to the recipient. Yes
New Senders The New Senders filter identifies emails that have been received from senders to whom emails have never been sent before. No