Public Folder Scanning

Spamming techniques are continuously evolving and consequently you might encounter instances when spam still makes it through anti-spam filters to the recipient’s Inbox. Through public folder scanning, users can manually classify email as spam and ‘teach’ GFI MailEssentials spam patterns to classify similar email as spam. Emails can also be added to the whitelist.


It is highly recommended to use GFI MailEssentials SpamTag instead of Public Folder Scanning when network clients use Microsoft Outlook as their email client. For more information refer to SpamTag for Microsoft Outlook.

How it works:

1. When an incorrectly classified email (false positive or false negative) is identified, users drag and drop the email to the appropriate GFI AntiSpam public folder. For more information refer to Using Public folder scanning.

2. Public folder scanning retrieves emails from the GFI AntiSpam public folders and adds them to the HAM/SPAM databases.

The GFI Antispam public folders must be created and configured on the mail server. For more information refer to Enabling Public folder Scanning.