Email blocklist

The Email Blocklist is a custom database of email addresses and domains from which you never want to receive emails.

This filter is enabled by default on installing GFI MailEssentials.

Configuring Email Blocklist

  1. Go to Anti-Spam > Anti-Spam Filters > Email Blocklist.

Email blocklist

  1. From the Blocklist tab, configure the email addresses and domains to block.
Option Description
Enable Email Blocklist Select/Unselect to enable/disable email blocklist.

Add email addresses, email domains or an entire domain suffix to the blocklist.

  1. Key in an email address, domain (for example, *; or an entire domain suffix (for example *@*.tv) to add to the blocklist.
  2. Specify the email type to match for the emails to be blocklisted.


For more information about the difference between SMTP and MIME refer to:

  1. (Optional) You can also add a description to the entry in the Description field.
  2. Click Add.
Remove Select a blocklist entry and click Remove to delete.

Import a list of blocklist entries from a file in XML format.


A list of entries can be imported from a file in XML format in the same structure that GFI MailEssentials would export the list of entries.

Export Export the list of blocklist entries to a file in XML format.
Search Key in an entry to search for. Matching entries are filtered in the list of blocklist entries.
  1. Click Actions tab to select the actions to perform on messages identified as spam. For more information refer to Spam Actions - What to do with spam emails.
  2. Click Apply.