Using the Import Export Tool

GFI Archiver enables you to extract emails and calendar items from various email databases and to import them into the Archive StoresA collection of email sources, email metadata and search indexes within GFI Archiver using the Import Export Tool.


The Import Export Tool is recommended only when importing historical calendar items. For current calendar items we suggest using the Archive Assistant. For more information refer to Importing Emails and Calendar Items via the GFI Archiver Archive Assistant. Note that to export Calendar Items you must use the Login as current user option.


If Microsoft Outlook® is not detected on the machine where the tool is running, import from PST and download to PST features are disabled.

Through GFI Archiver, you can also export emails from the Archive Stores, for example, to restore deleted emails. Import Export Tool can export emails:

Using Import Export Tool in another language

The Import Export Tool launches in English by default. To load the tool in German, Spanish or Italian:

  1. Start a command prompt with elevated privileges
  2. Navigate to <GFI Archiver installation folder>\MarcImportExport.
  3. Type MarcImportExport.exe /lang [code]

Replace [code] with the required language code:

Language code Language
de German
es Spanish
it Italian

For example MarcImportExport.exe /lang de

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