Configuring default File Archive Assistant settings

The File Archive Assistant is a small client-side agent that enables users to manually archive files from any location on their machine. Users can also setup synchronized folders from which GFI Archiver can automatically archive files.

Configure the Default File Archive Assistant Settings to enable File Archive Assistant clients installed on your network to inherit the configuration settings.

The Summary of Default File Archive Assistant Settings located in Configuration > File Archive Assistant lists the currently configured settings.

To configure or update Default File Archive Assistant Settings:

1. In GFI Archiver, go to Configuration > File Archive Assistant.

2. Click Update Default File Archive Assistant Settings.

3. Configure the following details:



Polling interval Define the interval in minutes at which GFI Archiver polls synchronized folders on client machines to retrieve files for archiving.
Enable default synchronized folder When enabled, the folder specified in the Default Synchronized Folder field will be pushed to all the client machines on which the File Archive Assistant is installed. If the folder does not exist on the client machine, it is automatically created. Any file placed within this folder will be synchronized with GFI Archiver. This feature is intended to automate the configuration process for File Archive Assistant.
Default Destination mailbox path The path set in the Default destination mailbox path field determines the structure seen by the user in the Archive tab of the GFI Archiver Web UI. The default folder name is set to Sync Files.
Maximum file size Define the maximum size of files to be archived. Files exceeding the maximum size are not archived.
Include / Exclude extensions Use this field to manage the existing list of file types.