Enabling File Collaboration using the File Archive Assistant

Through the File Archive Assistant (FAA), GFI Archiver can store copies of important files and folders retrieved from client machines. This process can be done automatically without any user input and without interrupting any existing workflows.

With File Archive Assistant, users can also share files and folders between their own machines, and also share between different users. This enables collaboration and version control. Teams and global employees can work on shared documents without relying on third-party online file storage. All important company data is stored in one secure, compliant and searchable archive.

When file collaboration is set up, File Archive Assistant archives every change saved by users and creates a file history accessible via the GFI Archiver interface. Users can retrieve files in their older state or also resolve conflicts when a file is changed by two or more users simultaneously.

Watch the video: GFI Archiver File Archive Assistant walkthrough

To enable File collaboration, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Create a public user in Active Directory - this new user's mailbox will be used by GFI Archiver as a shared repository

Step 2: Use the Access Control feature in GFI Archiver to grant user access to the newly created public user's mailbox. The collaboration files will be archived in this shared mailbox.

Step 3: In File Archive Assistant, configure the destination mailbox to point to this shared mailbox.

Step 4: In File Archive Assistant, configure a sync folder for each user.