About Scanning Profiles

GFI LanGuard enables you to scan your IT infrastructure for particular vulnerabilities using pre–configured sets of checks known as scanning profiles. Scanning profiles enable you to scan your network targets and enumerate only specific information. For example, you may want to use a scanning profile that is set to be used when scanning the computers in your DMZA section of a network that is not part of the internal network and is not directly part of the Internet. Its purpose typically is to act as a gateway between internal networks and the internet. as opposed to your internal network.

In practice, scanning profiles enable you to focus your vulnerability scanning efforts on to a specific area of your IT infrastructure, such as identifying only missing security updates. The benefit is that you have less scan results data to analyze; tightening up the scope of your investigation and help you quickly locate the information that you require, more easily.

Through multiple scanning profiles, you can perform various network security audits without having to go through a reconfiguration process for every type of security scan required.