Saving and loading XML results

Scan results are an invaluable source of information for systems administrators. GFI LanGuard results are stored in a SQL Server® or a Access database. In addition, scan results can also be exported to XMLAn open text standard used to define data formats. GFI LanGuard uses this standard to import or export scanned saved results and configuration..

To save scan results to XML file:

1. Launch GFI LanGuard.

2. Perform a manual scan. For more information refer to Manual scans.

3. Once the scan is completed, click GFI LanGuard button > File > Save Scan Results.

4. Locate the destination where you want to save the XML and click Save.

To load saved scan results from an XML file:

1. Click the GFI LanGuard button > File > Load Scan Results from > XML File…

2. Locate the scan results to load and click OK.

3. Analyze loaded results.


For more information on how to interpret results, refer to the following sections:

  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Network and Software Audit