General coverpage options

1. From GFI FaxMaker Configuration, right-click Coverpages > Coverpages and select Properties.

CoverpageA page containing information attached and sent as the first page of a fax. This page is customizable and can contain company logo and colors, sender and recipient information, fax details and more. options

2. Configure the following options:



Send coverpages

Enable or disable coverpages.

NOTE: Disabling coverpages from the Coverpages properties dialog box also disables Front Covernotes.

Only if message text is present

Include a coverpage only when sending a fax that contains a message body (for example, when sending a fax as an attachment via email and the email also contains an email body).

Use this coverpage when no default coverpage is associated with a user

Select the default coverpage to use when a user does not have a custom coverpage configured.

3. From the Rendering tab set the coverpage margins (in Inches).

4. Click OK.