XMLAPI response files

After processing an XMLAPI, GFI FaxMaker creates a response file which can be used to review fax transmission. 3rd party tools can be configured to poll this folder and automatically retrieve the status of transmitted faxes.

By default, GFI FaxMaker stores response files in the same folder where the XMLAPI was originally picked up. Alternatively, GFI FaxMaker can be configured to store all response files in a particular folder. For more information refer to Enabling XMLAPI.

The name of the response file matches the name of the xmlapi, with a *.status extension. For example, the response file of XMLAPI fax123.xml, is named fax123.xml.status. If a response file with the same name already exists, GFI FaxMaker appends the response message to the file.


SMS transmission does not generate a response file.

Sample XMLAPI response message

The response message contains the following XML containers:

Container Description


Container for each fax transmission. If one XML API file contains multiple recipients, a <fax> container is created for each recipient, containing all details for that particular transmission.


Returns the error code for fax transmission. A successful transmission returns a 0 error code.


Contains transmission report for successful or failed transmissions. This includes important parameters about the fax.


If a unique ID (uid) was specified in the XMLAPI, this container is produced.


Contains full path to image file of the fax.


Displays the fax number to which the fax has been sent.