Managing the Web Service API queue

When a fax is routed to a registered Web Service API user, GFI FaxMaker stores the fax in the Web Service API queue.

Use the various functions documented in Web Service API to get faxes from the queue. When getting a fax, it is not automatically deleted from queue. Call DeleteFax() to delete it.

Expired faxes in queue

Received faxes are stored in the Web Service API queue for 30 days. If these exceed 30 days, faxes are automatically moved from the queue and cannot be fetched by the Web Service API.

By default, expired faxes are moved to the following folder:

<GFI FaxMaker installation folder>/WSAPI/Retention/

For each expired fax moved to this folder, GFI FaxMaker stores the fax image in .fax format (can be opened in an image viewer) and an XML file containing the fax meta data.

To change the default folder:

  1. Stop all GFI FaxMaker services.
  2. Navigate to the GFI FaxMaker installation folder.
  3. Open file ML.Svc.Attendant.exe.config in a text editor.
  4. Find key RetentionFolder and change its value to the new path.
  5. Start the services that were stopped in step 1.


Use caution when modifying the software's installation files. Misconfiguration can cause problems in the product's functionality.