TextAPI response files

After processing a TextAPI that does not have the sender specified (from or fr options in the second line), GFI FaxMaker creates a response file to indicate the fax transmission result. If the sender is specified, the response message is sent via email to the sender as a transmission report.

By default the response file is created in the same folder from where the TextAPI was picked up. Alternatively GFI FaxMaker can be configured to store all response files in one location. For more information refer to Store all response files in one folder.

The name of the response file matches the name of the TextAPI. The extension of the file depends on the transmission result:

  • *.ok - indicates that the fax was transmitted successfully.
  • *.err - indicates that the fax could not be sent. Review the Description message to help you with troubleshooting.

Sample TextAPI response message