How TextAPI works

How TextAPI works

Step Description

Generate TextAPI

Usually a 3rd party application is configured to automatically generate TextAPIs. Ensure that the generated file complies to the parameters, fields and requirements of GFI FaxMaker, as described in this manual. For more information refer to Creating TextAPIs.

Store the API in the TextAPI pickup folder

In GFI FaxMaker, configure the folders from where to pick up APIs from. Store generated API in the appropriate folder. For more information refer to Enabling TextAPI.

GFI FaxMaker retrieves API

Periodically, GFI FaxMaker polls configured folders for *.txt APIs.

GFI FaxMaker processes and transmits fax

GFI FaxMaker processes the retrieved APIs and transmits the fax according to the fields and parameters specified in the API.


Ensure that attachments and body files are fully stored in the appropriate location before storing APIs in pickup folder. Store any attachments in the TextAPI folder.