Excluded Users Still Appear on the Exinda Appliance


Even though a user name has been added to the Excluded list on the Exinda AD Connector, the username continues to appear associated with traffic on the Exinda Appliance.


  1. Verify that the username on the Excluded tab of the Exinda AD Connector matches the username in Active Directory. The username is case sensitive. For example, if the Active Directory has the user Domain/Test.User, and the excluded list has the user as Domain/test.user, the traffic is not excluded.


Regardless of the case of usernames in Active Directory, the Exinda Appliance displays the usernames with the first name capitalized and the surname in lower case; for example Domain/test.user. Do not use the value in the Exinda Appliance when adding a username to the Excluded list.

  1. If the case matches on the usernames, restart the AD Client Service and renumerate the Exinda Appliance.

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