Creating a virtual circuit for unauthenticated users

Use the following instructions to create a virtual circuitlogical definitions that partition a a physical network circuit and used to determine what traffic passes through it and how much to filter for unauthenticated users.

To create the virtual circuit:

  1. Go to Configuration > .

The page to the right refreshes.

  1. If not already open, select the Optimizer tab.
  2. Click Create New Virtual Circuit.
  3. In the Virtual Circuit Name field, type a suitable name.
  4. Specify the Virtual Circuit Bandwidth to be 100%.
  5. Specify the Oversubscription handling to be Automatic.
  6. Set each of the Filter Options to ALL, including the Network Object field.
  7. Click Add New Virtual Circuit.

The page refreshes and the new VC appears on the tab.

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