In some countries privacy laws state that it is against the law not to encrypt personal information retrieved by monitoring applications for privacy protection. GFI EventsManager enables you to encrypt personal information when exporting and/or viewing event logs.

Enable anonymization to encrypt all personal information. The Events Browser and Dashboard can recognize such information and do not display it. Instead, they display <encrypted> or Anonymized data messages instead.

To configure anonymization:

Enable console anonymization

1. From Configuration tab > Options, expand Console Security and Audit Options node, right-click Anonymization and click Edit anonymization options…

Anonymization options

2. Select Enable Anonymization and enter the encryption password.

3. (Optional) Select Use a secondary protection key to use two passwords for event log encryption. Event logsA collection of entries which describe events that occurred on the network or on a computer system. GFI EventsManager supports different types of event logs including: Windows Event Log, W3C Logs, Syslog, SNMP Traps and SQL Server audit events. can only be decrypted by providing two decryption passwords.

4. Click Apply and OK.


Once anonymization is enabled, personal data is hidden in:

  • Any of the Status views (General, Job Activity and Statistics)
  • Events Browser
  • Reports
  • Exported/archived event logs (you can remove anonymization when importing the exported logs).