Step 1: Importing items from a remote computer


This section only applies when extracting items from a mailbox on a remote machine. If importing emails from the same machine where GFI Archiver is installed, skip this step.

GFI Archiver lets you extract email mailboxes located on remote machines:

  1. From the GFI Archiver machine, navigate to <GFI Archiver installation path>\MAISGFI Archiver Import Service\
  2. Share Pickup folder to give full read and write permissions to the remote machine from where the Import Export Tool is to run. To share a folder:
  1. Return to where GFI Archiver is installed and copy the MarcImportExport folder.
  2. Paste the folder MarcImportExport on remote machine.
  3. Open command prompt with elevated privileges.
  4. Browse to the MarcImportExport folder on the local machine.
  5. Run the following command: regsvr32 redemption.dll
  6. Run MArcImportExport.exe.