Moving emails to the GFI Archiver archive stores

After moving the binary files to the GFI Archiver Import ServiceA GFI Archiver tool that imports email data from file to the GFI Archiver. pickup folder, emails are processed as follows:

  • Emails are placed in the queue folder so that they can be placed in the appropriate archive store.
  • If an email in the pickup folder has a date that does not fit the date range of the archive stores configured, or the email is corrupted, the import service will move the email to the Unclassified folder.

The default paths of these folders are:

Folder Default path
Pickup folder

<GFI Archiver Installation Path>\MAISGFI Archiver Import Service\Pickup

Queue folder <GFI Archiver Installation Path>\MAIS\Queue
Unclassified folder <GFI Archiver Installation Path>\MAIS \Unclassified

Unclassified emails

The GFI Archiver Import Service classifies email as unclassified when the date is not within a date range of an archive folder. For each unclassified email, the GFI Archiver Import Service creates four files in the Unclassified folder, for example:

  • 200903mchnname_112132568200036_[20061123173817].body
  • 200903mchnname_112132568200036_[20061123173817].emc
  • 200903mchnname_112132568200036_[20061123173817].eml
  • 200903mchnname_112132568200036_[20061123173817].envelope

The first part of the file name in the Unclassified folder begins with the year and month in which the email was sent. If there are 500 or more emails in the Unclassified folder, the import process is suspended. In this case, delete any unwanted emails or import the emails to an archive folder as follows:

1. Configure one or more archive folders to cover the dates of the emails that are required to be archived.

2. Stop the GFI Archiver Import Service by navigating to Start > Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.

3. Right-click GFI Archiver Import Service and click Stop.

4. Go to Unclassified folder.

5. Move all four files of the emails to import to the Queue folder.

6. Return to the services management console, right-click GFI Archiver Import Service and select Start.