Configure the GFI Archiver Import Service

The GFI Archiver Import Service is used to analyze the source database binary files and move these files in the appropriate archive store.

Adding a new store

1. Select Start > Program > GFI Archiver > Import Tools > GFI Archiver Import ServiceA GFI Archiver tool that imports email data from file to the GFI Archiver. Configuration.

2. Click Change Settings to access the archive stores.

3. Click Add Store to launch the Add new store dialog.

4. From the Name drop-down list select the archive store where emails are going to be moved to.

5. Specify the date range for this archive store by setting the From and To calendars.


Dates specified should not overlap with dates specified in other archive stores.

6. Click OK to add the new archive store.

7. To add other archive stores covering different date ranges, repeat steps 3 to 6.

8. When all the archive stores are configured, click Apply Settings and Close to save settings.

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