Edit File History Retention Policies

To edit an existing File History Retention Policy:

1. Select Configuration tab and click File History Retention PoliciesA system that enables you to control for how long to keep specific emails in your archive stores..

2. Select the policy to edit. Click Edit .

3. In the Retention Policy Details screen, key in the details for the new retention policy and click Next. Available options are:

Option Description
Policy name

Defines the name for the new policy to be created.


Defines the conditions that will identify an item as being part of this retention policy. From the drop down list select one of the following options and provide the values that an item must match to fall under this retention policy. Click to add more conditions or to delete a keyed in condition. Select:

  • Latest file older than
  • Extension type
  • Owner – define the sender’s email address or specify the user name in the format domain\username
Enable Policy

Defines whether a policy is in effect or not, if items are to be deleted immediately or how many versions will be retained. Select Enable Policy and select an option between:

  • Do NOT retain any file hostory.
  • Keep latest n versions in the file history of each archive.

4. Click Finish.